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For many centuries, gold has been recognized as one of the best ways to preserve wealth. Of all the precious metals, gold is the most popular investment. Gold bullion is a multi-functional asset; from beautiful gold coins to paper gold investments, this precious metal offers both an artistic asset and a strong financial portfolio. There are many options when it comes to investing in gold, and many excellent reasons to do so. If you are ready to invest in physical gold bullion today, visit who sells a wide range of coins, bullion bars and pre-1933 gold coins at the lowest prices possible. Alternatively, if you are looking for gold prices, you can visit, the number one site for gold price charts in every national currency in the world.

Economic Uncertainty

Many investors buy gold as a hedge against economic or political crises such as currency collapse. Gold bars and coins carry an inherent value that has been recognized throughout history. In times of inflation or economic recession, many people rely on gold as a stable investment. Over the past decade, gold prices have increased significantly, and many investors feel that gold is poised to continue its upward trajectory for the foreseeable future, aided by continuing economic uncertainties.

If you're trying to protect yourself against inflation, stock market drops, potential currency problems, and other financial uncertainties, gold coins and bullion will serve you under most circumstances. A small amount of gold coins could be spent to purchase goods and services if the paper currency is rendered worthless.

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Gold Coins - The Most Popular Coins in the Market

Gold Eagle

Gold Eagles
Gold American Eagles are produced in 1/10, 1/4, 1/2, and 1 troy ounce weights, and are the most popular coin in the USA.

Austrian Gold Phils

Gold Philharmonics
Austrian Gold Philharmonics are the most popular gold coin out of Europe, and carry a face value in their native country.

Gold Maples

Gold Maple Leafs
Canadian Gold Maples Leafs carry face value in Canada, and are offered in 1/10, 1/4, 1/2, and 1 troy ounce weights.

Gold Pandas

Gold Pandas
Chinese Gold Pandas are produced in a variety of sizes, and feature an intricate design of a Panda.

Gold Buffalo

Gold Buffalos
Gold American Buffalos are the first American coin to be produced in .9999, or 24 karat, fine gold purity.

Gold Krugerrands

Gold Krugerrands
Gold Krugerrands are a South African gold coin that have grown to be one of the most popular coins in the world.

Tangible Assets

Many investors prefer to store their wealth in something that they can touch and hold. Gold makes an excellent investment option for this reason. Gold bullion coins are preferred by many coin collectors. Many, such as the American Gold Eagle or Chinese Gold Panda, are collected as much for their beauty as for their precious metal content. This attractive asset also makes for a beautiful gift or piece of jewelry.

Diversified Investments

If most or all of your money is invested in the stock market, it makes sense to diversify by buying physical gold bullion. Even within the gold market, there are ways to diversify, through buying a mix of paper and physical gold investments, or storing your physical gold bullion at a number of different depositories worldwide. Gold comes in many forms, from jewelry and coins to ETFs and mining stocks traded via the stock market, making it possible to hold many different forms of gold at once.


If you prefer your investments to be anonymous, consider buying gold bullion. Unlike other investments, there are few government reporting requirements for those buying or selling gold bullion. Gold coins and bars are available from local coin dealers, as well as over the internet. Bullion bars and gold coins may be stored at home, and nobody has to know about your investment. This uniquely private way to preserve your wealth is easily stored, transported, bought, and sold.


This universally accepted asset can easily be bought or sold no matter where you are located. As an extremely liquid investment, gold has a recognized value that is easy to calculate based on the current spot price of gold, which is widely published. Its international liquidity makes gold investments a popular choice among those who are concerned about the ease of selling their assets when the time comes. Latest Gold News and Market Updates

February 13th, 2015

Week of February 13th Gold Market Update

Precious metals are going to conclude the week with daily gains on Friday, but are going to finish the week overall mixed. On the whole, the last five days have been generally quiet and devoid of any noteworthy economic data. Of course, Thursday was an exception seeing as a few pieces of US economic data took the market by surprise. Other than that, investors the world over have had their attention focused on Europe for a majority of the week. As we... Read more

February 6th, 2015

Week of February 6th Gold Market Update

Precious metals finished the trading week in poor fashion by losing considerable value for a second straight week. Despite there not being too much in the way of economic data made public this week, investors have had plenty to mull over. For one, a few central banks made surprise decisions that took the marketplace off guard, but not only that, some employment information from the United States was of particular importance to investors. Another theme... Read more

January 23rd, 2015

Week of January 23rd Gold Market Update

On the final day of an eventful week of trading, precious metals are conceding marginal value. In all, however, gold and silver have fared particularly well this week thanks to some events that unfolded in Europe. Quite honestly, this week saw investors focus almost completely on the European Central Bank meeting for the month of January. Because it was widely expected that the ECB would make a monetary policy shift this week, it is pretty easy to see why... Read more