Los Angeles Gold Shops

The Los Angeles region boasts dozens of coin shops, from small family-run retailers to large-scale bullion dealers. This city is said to be the biggest market for rare coins in the world. Although coin shops here to tend to specialize in rare, older U.S. coins with high numismatic value, rather than precious metal bullion, there are still plenty of gold and silver coins to be found here.

Within California, sales tax applies to coins and bullion, whether purchased as a collector’s item or for investment purposes. There is an exemption for bulk sales of coins and bullion when the transaction is at least $1,500. Within the county of Los Angeles, the sales tax rate is currently 8.75%. Be sure to take this into consideration, and consider buying in bulk from a local dealer in order to avoid paying sales tax.

With trust so important within the precious metal industry, rest assured that the most reputable Los Angeles coin dealers have been here for decades. They are known for selling top-grade coins and bullion at competitive prices. These are some of the best coin shops in Los Angeles for purchasing gold coins and bullion:

Coin Connection

Coin ConnectionPasadena’s Coin Connection is among the best-known coin dealers in the Los Angeles area. Although this shop specializes in silver coins and bullion, it also offers a full range of gold coins and bullion.

Coin Connection both buys and sells bullion and coins, and caters to experienced investors. If you are considering investing in precious metals such as gold, the knowledgeable staff at this small, reputable coin shop is available to assist you.

31 W Del Mar Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91105
(626) 793-8686

Alhambra Coin Center

Alhambra Coin CenterAlhambra Coin Center is one of the top-end coin dealers in the Los Angeles area. Specializing in both numismatic coins and precious metal bullion, this coin shop is recognized for high-grade coins. It is one of the largest dealers in the area, offering a wide selection of coins and bullion for every price range.

This factor makes the shop a must-visit for both beginning collectors and experienced investors. More than strictly a coin and bullion dealer, Alhambra Coin Center also offers such luxury items as designer apparel, fine art, antiques, and jewelry.

254 East Main Street
Alhambra, CA 91801
(626) 282-1151 or (800) 932-2646 (Toll Free)

Collectors Internet

Collectors InternetCollectors Internet – founded as Hobby Investments in 1979 – is one of the largest and oldest coin shops in Los Angeles. Located in the heart of the city, Collectors Internet offers nearly any coin and bullion product, from coins worth less than a dollar to bullion worthy of a multimillion-dollar collection.

Although the shop specializes in early U.S. Coins, CollectorsInternet also stocks a wide range of gold and silver bullion coins, selling both individually and in wholesale bulk lots. If you know exactly what you’re after, Collectors Internet is the Los Angeles coin dealer you can trust to find it for you.

7510 Sunset Blvd. #183
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 786-COIN (2646)