There are many different gold refiners and mints producing gold bars. The most commonly-seen gold bars produced by private refiners include Johnson Matthey, PAMP Suisse, and Perth Mint, though there are dozens of others. A number of national mints worldwide also produce gold bars. Investing in gold bullion requires choosing among the many gold bar options offered by refiners and mints worldwide.

Each of these producers offers a variety of bar weights in 99.5% to 99.99% pure gold. Not all possible gold bar sizes are made by all refiners, though all refiners produce the most common sizes, such as 1 ounce and 10 ounce gold bars. While gold bullion bars are manufactured worldwide, all gold bar producers adhere to common standards regarding purity and weight. Although they may have differing physical dimensions, two gold bars with the same weight will be nearly identical with regards to gold content, and therefore precious metal value.

Cost Differences

When comparing two bars containing the same amount and purity of gold, you will find that the bars may have substantially different costs. This is true even though the value of the precious metal they contain is identical. This difference in premiums is related to fabrication costs; some refiners have higher costs, resulting in higher prices for their gold bars.

The difference in costs is also related to brand preferences. Many gold investors prefer one gold bar brand over another. They may be attempting to diversity their investment by purchasing many different brands, investing in only a single brand of gold bar, or prefer to purchase gold bars made in their home country, for example. Some investors choose to stick with the world’s best-known gold bar producers, even though they tend to be more expensive. Despite this difference in pricing, there is little difference between a gold bar made by one brand and one made by another.

Hallmark Recognition

One consideration is hallmark recognition, which can affect the liquidity of your investment. Highly-recognized hallmarks belonging to reputable, well-established suppliers can be easier to sell than those made by little-known brands. Despite this, any gold bar is worth the value of the precious metal it contains, so long as it is authentic. By purchasing your gold bars from a reputable dealer, you can rest assured that they are not counterfeit.

All Gold Is The Same

If your goal is to own as much gold as possible, it’s often best to go with the least expensive gold bars you can find. All gold is the same, regardless of its source. As long as it is truly gold, there is no way to tell the difference between gold minted in one location and gold minted in another. The spot price of gold does not changed based on what brand is marked on the bar; a gold bar’s value is in the precious metal it contains, not the brand name. Low-premium gold bars enable you to spend more on the gold than on the refiner’s profit, increasing the amount of gold you’re able to purchase.