JM Bullion, an online dealer of precious metals based in Chicago, is relatively new to the industry. Since its 2011 founding, already the company has far exceeded expectations by providing high-quality gold and silver coins and a high standard of customer service. Still, many collectors and previous metal investors are worried about the possibility of a JM Bullion scam.

Whenever purchasing precious metals through the internet, it is important to make sure you are dealing with a reputable company. Trust is very important in an industry where a single purchase could mean sending thousands of dollars to someone you only know virtually.

Scam Potential

What if the company takes your money and sends you nothing? What if you received scratched, damaged coins? If the package is lost in the mail, what recourse do you have? Rest assured that JM Bullion is a legit company that strives to offer the best deals on gold bullion coins, along with top-notch customer service to help you at every step of the way.

JM Bullion is a small, personable company with customer service representatives who will take the time to focus on your concerns. You are guaranteed personal support by buying here, without the worry of being transferred from sales rep to sales rep if a problem arises. In fact, some customers have reported that the company owner personally responded to their routine inquiry.

Many new investors are worried that they won’t be able to decipher all the small print, and will end up with something different than what they thought they were buying. However, JM Bullion will never use ‘bait and switch’ advertising, and actually goes to great lengths to make investing easy.

The catalog is designed for easy navigation, even for inexperienced buyers, and the user-friendly site takes the confusion out of buying physical gold and silver. Because the company only buys brand-new coins from mints and authorized distributors, there are no JM Bullion complaints about coins that arrived scratched or damaged.

JM Bullion Complaints

Do remember that with any company, searching hard enough is bound to reveal a couple of customers who weren’t 100% satisfied with the transaction. This is even more the case when purchasing precious metals, as the high value of the transaction can make purchasers unnecessarily worried over delays. However, a search for JM Bullion complaints reveals no substantial problems. The BBB website shows a complete lack of complaints.

As with any large online retailer, there will be isolated incidents involving lost shipments or other transaction concerns. However, JM Bullion has a reputation for working quickly to resolve any problems that may arise. All shipments are fully insured and require signature confirmation to guard against lost or stolen packages.

In the rare event that a shipment is lost or damaged, the company will provide a full replacement or refund. An in-depth online inquiry revealed no cases where a customer actually ended worse-off by dealing with JM Bullion.

The growing list of satisfied JM Bullion customers attests to the legitimacy and reputation of the company. An online search reveals numerous positive reviews for the site. If you are searching for a trustworthy online dealer of gold and silver bullion, consider JM Bullion.