JM Bullion ( is one of the world’s most trusted online dealers of precious metals including gold, silver, and platinum. Founded in 2011, already JM Bullion has far exceeded expectations, providing high-quality gold coins at affordable prices.

With presences in Chicago, IL and Lancaster, PA, JM Bullion offers personalized service and an easy, efficient way to buy gold and silver. The founders believe that the only way to truly own precious metals is to invest in physical gold and silver coins, and their sparkling reputation proves they stand by their business.

Product Selection

The JM Bullion catalog includes a full range of gold and silver coins. While the catalog is somewhat smaller than that offered by competing online sellers, the JM Bullion goal is to offer a sufficient inventory of every product.

The catalog is designed to eliminate confusion. Instead of offering multiple variations of the same item, JM Bullion offers the most popular gold bullion coins, making it easier for new investors to choose the right precious metal products.

All coins sold though their online store are brand new, so there’s no worry about receiving coins that have been scratched or damaged due to handling. JM Bullion only sells coins purchased directly from mints and authorized distributors.

JM Bullion is a great place to shop for quality examples of the American Gold Eagle, Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, and other popular gold bullion coins. Specializing in sales to beginning investors, JM Bullion sells quantities as small as a single coin, unlike many competing dealers with large minimum purchases.

If you’re interested in buying a larger quantity, look no further than JM Bullion, which stocks Monster Boxes and full tubes of the world’s most popular gold and silver bullion coins.


Pricing is based on the current spot price of gold and silver, and change by the second. Once you reach the Checkout page, the prices you see are locked in, and are held as you complete the order. The site accepts bank wires, paper checks, or credit cards. Pay via check or bank wire for a 4% discount over purchases made with a credit card. Customers often find both the prices and shipping costs to be lower here than those available through other online dealers.

If you are interested in adding to your precious metal portfolio over time, consider the JM Bullion Automatic Investment Program (AIP). This innovative setup makes investing in gold coins easily. Choose an investment amount and schedule, and select the products you wish to purchase from the JM Bullion catalog.

Your order will be automatically placed according to your schedule, and will include the largest quantity of the specified product that you can afford based on the investment amount you have set. This is a fast, efficient way to build up your investment over time.

All purchases are shipped with signature confirmation and full insurance. The company takes pride in its high standards of customer service, and guarantees the authenticity and condition of every coin sold here. In the rare event that a package is lost, stolen, or damaged during the shipping process, the company works quickly to provide a full replacement or reimbursement.